Watch Online Videos on Your Cell Phone

Avot mV

There are billions of videos posted on the Internet. Do you know you can watch online video on your cell phone?

Avot Media allows you using web enabled mobile phone to watch, search, upload, and share videos. Avot Media provides an advanced search engine and interface for users can easily to find the videos they look for. Unlike other earlier mobile video solutions, Avot mV transfer the video much faster and the video’s quality is better. You can check their Product site for more detail.

Avot mV Solution For All Web Phones
To access this videos on cell phone service, you must have a web enabled and video stream enabled cell phone. Avot mV supports most of feature phones and smartphone devices including Apple iPhone, Audiovox XV6700, Cingular series, HP iPAQ, Motorola, Palm, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and more. Just use your cell phone browser to visit and you enjoy watch video on the go anytime, anywhere.

Avot mV Screen Shots
If you wonder how Avot mV looks like on iPone, Avot mV team has published some screen shots for you to take a look.

Active Search and Popup Screen
Avot mV on iPhone

Video Wall and The Channels Screen
Avot mV on iPhone

You also can check their Official Blog and Corporate Site for their development update and company detail.



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