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what is Alive Blog Directory? Alive Blog Directory is a blog directory where you pay a flat rate and get listed for lifelong.Alive blog directory offers a comprehensive selection of blog categories for you to get listed.

The Price
Alive blog directory offers two options between buying a permanent link or a link on an annual basis. Besides, they also offer two types of listing, standard and featured. The featured listing will be placed above the standard listing and get highlighted. The standard listing will be placed below featured listing and sort by Google PageRank.How much it costs? The price is list below.

Regular Listing

    Annual Pricing Options

  • Regular (3 additional links) $49.95 /Year
  • Regular $34.95 /Year
  • Regular with Reciprocal $29.95 /Year
  • Permanent Pricing Options

  • Regular (3 additional links) $149.95
  • Regular $104.95

Featured Listing

    Annual Pricing Options

  • Featured (5 additional links) $74.95 /Year
  • Featured $59.95 /Year
  • Permanent Pricing Options

  • Featured (5 additional links) $224.95
  • Featured $179.95

English Blog Only?
No matter what language you blog is using, you can purchase to be list on Alive Blog Directory. However, you must the title and descriptions must submit in English.

Submission Rules
There are some submission rules which disallow unsuitable website to be listed and keep this blog directory healthy and professional. The submission will be reviewed manually.

Listing Details
When you purchase a list on Alive blog directory, your not only get a link but also get a listing detail page. In the listing detail page, it will show your blog’s description, Google PageRank, Number Hits, Link Popularity, and Alexa Ranking Details.

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