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This is a Sponsored Review(本篇是贊助評論) is a website that gives you some products’ review and rank. For example, you can find some hair loss products on the website. If you have hair loss problem or want to prevent hair loss you can check their reviews and ranks. In hair loss products section they current offer ranks and reviews of provillus and procerin. By reading the reviews and ranks you might have some idea which product is good for you. If you are willing to buy, they also provide a link for you to get this product easily.

I don’t have much knowledge of hair loss products but you can read the product reviews and ranks to get some idea about the product. There are tons of similar products selling on the Internet before you buy compare with few more providers!

Other thing I notice is about this website’s design. If you go to’s homepage, you will probably think this website is about Stop Smoking as I first visited. Actually, this website is not only about stop smoking products but also hair loss products. They better make all links to all the products they have in the homepage and every pages. This website needs better navigation bar or a good site map. That will not only help people find products they are looking for but also help the Search Engine Optimization.

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