Image Compare Software

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Image Compare Software
I know you have lots photos and images but do you know how many duplicate images or very similar pictures in your computer?

To cleanup those duplicate images not only save your disk space but also let you have more free time to enjoy your pictures and images without seeing any duplicate images. You can manually cleanup duplicate images and check image similarity if you have only few images. But if you have tons of images? To cleanup and check tons of images might take you many hours even days if you are a digital images hobbyist. Don’t worry if you have tons of images, image comparer can the job for you.

Image Comparer is a tool for finding duplicate or similar images. To make your digital life easier, all you need to do if download this image comparer software. It can easily finding and locating those duplicate images. By few mouse clicks, you are duplicate images free!

If you think Image Comparer just like another duplicate images finder, you are totally wrong! Image Comparer not only finding exact duplicates but it also analyzes and recognizes an image’s content, and groups pictures that look alike. That’s the reason why many professional photographers, designers, and webmasters like this product. You will see how much time and disk space Image comparer can save for you.

Image Compare

Get it for Free or BUY NOW for $29.95
No! Image Comparer is not free software but you can download it for free and enjoy a 30-day free trial. Just click here –Image Comparer , you can find free trial download at bottom of the page. Or you can buy this great image compare software for only $29.95. One downside of the free trial is you cannot batch copy, move or delete marked images.

Did I just say get image comparer for free? Yes, they not only give you a 30-day trial but also give you a free Image Comparer license if you can report any bugs or mistake in this software. Just send a full bug report to them using their feedback form you get the chance to get it for free. Another way to get a free license is help them to translate Image Comparer to your native language. If you would like to help them translating Image Comparer to other language, you can contact them and get a free license. How great is that! There are two ways to get this image compare software for free.

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    1. 這篇不錯 想問一下這個軟體和d’peg有什麼不同? d’peg歷史比較悠久…

    2. 這二個軟體有什麼相同和不同之處Simon沒有研究過,但類似的軟體很多,找到一個適合你合用和方便用的是最重要的。